Facebook Denied CoinText to Join WhatsApp & Messenger

Dash Text expands the reach of the Digital Money market with the integration in Telegram

The service that has become popular and that allows people to send money through text messages has now launched its integration in Telegram, both in Venezuela and in Colombia, making its service even more accessible to the general public.

Its launch occurs after beta tests two months ago that had the goal of solving errors. Lorenzo, CTO and co-founder, explains why they sought integration with Telegram in addition to normal SMS text messaging.

"Telegram is the second most popular chat application in Venezuela, and it is especially popular with people who are interested in cryptocurrencies. There are also many people who have cheap and / or old smartphones that do not reliably support wallets because of memory problems. Dash Text on Telegram allows you to use Dash without needing to install another application, because you are already using Telegram. In general, we believe it is a great channel to open and expand the accessibility of Dash ».

Lorenzo went on to explain that the simplicity and ease of use of Dash Text help him stand out among other competing wallets and also justify their existence.

"Dash Text is so easy to use that it has become very popular, but I do not think it's a matter of popularity to be honest, it's more a matter of accessibility, some people just can not use the applications, they do not have the hardware to do it . However, what is certain is that if you are going to show someone Dash for the first time, Dash Text is the easiest way to do it, so even if they have a decent smartphone, you can show them Dash quickly without having to download something, get excited and then download Dash's wallet if they wish, which is great to make people join in its use. "
Overcoming obstacles to give monetary freedom to consumers

When a user wishes to use Dash Text in Telegram for the first time, they will automatically link to their Dash Text wallet if they already have one, and if not, a new wallet will be created for them. Dash Text is growing rapidly because they recently expanded to Colombia and have Mexico, Spain, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Argentina, Chile and the United States in their list of expansion areas, since they are key markets for remittances.

However, the Dash Text team also planned to launch an integration in WhatsApp, since this messaging service is also very popular in their region, but WhatsApp banned cryptocurrency transactions in its platform. It is anticipated that this will be an anti-competitive movement, as there are strong rumors that Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp, plans to launch its own cryptocurrency. This fact disappointed Lorenzo, but it did not surprise him.
"Honestly, it did not surprise me so much, as soon as I heard that Facebook was developing its own cryptocurrency, I figured that at some point they would try to stifle competition in their own applications, but I did not think this would happen in a couple of years, so still We thought it was worth opening that accessibility channel. Telegram is a much friendlier platform with the crypts and it is also a non-profit organization, so I do not see them doing something similar ».
Dash Text is not the only one affected since CoinText, which also allows cryptocurrency payments through SMS, also had to cancel its launch plans. While Facebook denies the integration of cryptocurrencies in its platform, it limits the scope that the community can have to help those who need it most, also demonstrating the need for more decentralized and independent service providers. Therefore, Dash is finding as many points of contact as possible to reach as many people.

Dash looks for new and innovative ways to reach consumers

Cryptocurrencies were created to help people who live marginalized from the current monetary and financial system, but many of these people (60% of Venezuelans and 59% of Colombians) can not even buy a smartphone, the device where Most of the cryptocurrency wallets are found. As a solution, Dash Text allows these people to easily send and receive independent money on their basic (non-smart) phones knowing that their payments are secured through the robust Dash network and that they can be used in more than 2,000 Venezuelan stores and more. of 300 in Colombia. Additionally, these cryptocurrency payments via SMS text message greatly reduce the cost of sending remittances. Then, in Colombia, Dash teams are using a completely different method to achieve adoption and provide consumers with different ways to spend and accept Dash. The ability of the Dash network to finance these projects in a decentralized manner helps ensure that consumers are getting the best product.
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The First "CD" High Interest Blockchain Certificate




HEX is the first high interest savings account on the Blockchain!
There's more to finance than currency! At your normal bank these are called CDs or time deposits, but they don't pay better interest if less people use them, we do! Let's replace all these middlemen with trustless interest! HEX is a Store of Value. 369%+ ROI if only 1% of coins stake.

HEX is the first certificate of deposit on the blockchain. Trustless interest. Pays holders instead of miners. No Satoshi (if he doesn't claim in 50 weeks) or Mt.Gox dumping on you. No inflation bug possible like bitcoin has had. Unit bias fixed. Higher TPS. More distributed. Whale penalty which gives whales coins to stakers, etc.

Dishonest stakers that end stake early or late pay honest stakers. Longer stake commit pays 20% more per year (partial years are fine). Open source. No premine, no ICO, lower fees, lower inflation. Referral program. Founder is a marketing expert with an audience. Early adopters get paid extremely well.

20% Speed bonus falling to 0% over the fifty weeks. Unclaimed coins paid to stakers 2% per week for 50 weeks. Every week you don’t claim, someone else gets your coins. Critical mass and Virality bonuses increase payouts to early stakers to cancel out desire to keep it a secret and get more unclaimed coins. Every pumpamental to lock up supply and increase price.

The inflation is also delayed, because it's only paid on ended stakes, and stakes can last 50 years. No trading of staked coins to increase value of unstaked coins, and chance people early endstake and pay penalties to honest stakers.

Bitcoin is 10 years old already. By the time you hear about a coin, it's already up 10x-1000x for the first in. It's easier to 100x from $10 than from $3000.

Stakers earn more interest when less coins are staked. Stakers earn less interest when more coins are staked. More coins staked, means lower supply available on the market, which can mean higher price.


Claim Bonuses Claim Phase (First 50 Weeks)
Referral                 Earn 20% on anyone that claims using your link.
Speed                Earn 20% bonus if you claim first week. Every week                                    you wait, bonus Reduces by .4%
SillyWhalePenalty 1k-10k+ claims pay reduced by 50-75% 
                             (Their loss is stakers gain! Paid over 50 weeks)
GoxMeNot     Mt.Gox and a few other parties are not allowed to claim.
Staking Bonuses First 50 Weeks. Stakers Only
We're all Satoshi 2% Unclaimed coins paid to stakers weekly. Claim                                     1st week or lose it all over 50 weeks
Critical mass     Increases stakers pay by % of coins that claim. If 100%                                 then 100% bonus.
Virality                Increases stakers pay by % of addresses that claim. If                                100% then 100% bonus.
Stake Bonuses   Continuous. Stakers only.
Staking If 1% of coins stake, they make 369% interest avg. e.g. If 2% then 184.5%, 10% is 36.9% The less stakers the less the pool gets divided. More stakers, less circulating supply.
LoyalStaker 1/2 Emergency End Stake penalties paid to pool. (1/2 weeks committed, minimum 12)
  1/2 Late End Stake penalties paid to pool. (1% of stake per week after 2 week grace)
LongerPaysBetter The longer you stake, the more you make. ~20% bonus shares every year you commit over 1 week. Works on any length over. So 5 year gets 2x shares that 1 week would.
Compounding The interest pool is compounded every week, maximizing your gains.

You know how you get more interest for staking longer? LongerPaysBetter also amplifies your other bonuses including the massive claim phase bonuses! It's a war for longer lockups to get more bonus shares than everyone else! Those that believe in the project the most gain the most bonus shares.

You claim 1 Bitcoin worth of HEX during the first week.
You receive 10,000 HEX plus 2,000 early claim (speed bonus) = 12,000 HEX The person that referred you gets 20% = 2,400 HEX
You stake for 52 periods (364 days)
This gives you ~20% extra shares in the LoyalStaker share pool
If only 1% of coins are staked, you get 369% APR plus the extra shares may put you over shorter stakers. As more coins get staked, your APR goes down. As more and larger claims are made it goes up. 
Your share of 2% of the unclaimed coins are credited to your stake every week until week 50. You unstake. You now likely have several tens of thousands of HEX (multiplied your stack a few times) from being staked during all the bonuses.

How to claim
Install MetaMask in browser.
Go to claim tool on wallet.hex.win (when it exists)
Open BTC wallet & Sign statement given to you by the claim tool
Paste signature to claim page.
Press submit. DONE!
Note: Your ETH address is your HEX address. Claiming can only be done after the snapshot and after the claim tool is launched. (which should occur around the same time.)

HEX: Claim free HEX by signing statement given by the claim tool from Bitcoin wallet containing BTC. All unclaimed coins distributed to staked claimants over 50 weeks. (GET SATOSHI'S COINS if he doesn't claim.) You're missing 2% more of your stack every week you delay claiming, till none left at 50 weeks. Pays holders instead of miners. Bonuses: Refer: 20% Speed: 20% falling to 0 at week 50. Up to 20% adoption bonuses, VIRALITY: the more people that claim, and CRITICAL MASS: the more coins claimed. Only referral and speed bonuses are paid to non-stakers. Longer stakes get 0.385% extra shares per 7 days longer stake commit (20% per year.) So a 5 year longer stake gets paid 2x what a 1 week stake would. If only 1% of coins stake, then they're getting 369% ROI a year. Trustless 3.69% interest pool paid to stakers instead of miners. Emergency (early) unstake pays a 1/2 of the weeks committed to (stake length) penalty, half of which goes to loyal stakers pool, minimum 12 weeks. SILLY WHALE PENALTY of 50%-75% from 1k to 10k+ coins. (avoidable by splitting up before snapshot.) GoxMeNot: Mt. Gox and a few other undesirables excluded from claiming.

Earn 20% on everyone that clicks your referral link then claims one day! They get paid in full and you get 20% on top of payout. No signup required.

To join use this  REFERRAL LINK  
its free for Bitcoin Hodler.!

Comments below if you are already signed up or believe on this project, if not also let us know your thoughts .

Shop Online with Cryptocurrency

Shop directly on Amazon.com via Lightning Network or from your Coinbase account with Bitcoin, Litecoin,  Ether & BCH.

Instant - Secure - No Fees

Crypto payment through Moon are instant and seamless.  All Data is encrypted and Moon is not a custodial service.  There is no fees for making purchases through Moon.


Installing the extention on your browser you will be promted to create an account.


Moon currently supports shopping on Amazon.com, but soon you’ll be able to shop on any of your favorite e-commerce websites, like eBay, Ali Express and Target.


Moon recognizes when you are in the checkout process. Click “Pay with Moon” to complete your purchase instantly and securely.

Comment bellow is you already used it and what was your exprience.

Campaign to Raise $1 Mln in Crypto for Venezuelans

A charitable campaign to enable the direct transfer of $1 million in crypto donations to Venezuelans has registered around 60,000 verified beneficiaries and raised $272,000 to date. The news was revealed in an interview with the campaign’s leader, Steve Hanke, with National Public Radio on April 21.
Professor Hanke is a professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University who reportedly served as economic adviser to former Venezuelan president Rafael Caldera between 1995 and 1996.
Professor Hanke outlined that the campaign, dubbed “Airdrop Venezuela,” is using the existing blockchain and bank-connected e-wallet infrastructure from Mexico-based startup AirTM. Alongside a native United States dollar-denominated crypto token, AirUSD, the e-wallet service also supports a further nine cryptocurrencies, according to a fall 2018 press release.
Professor Hanke told NPR that the campaign aims to have 100,000 I.D.-verified Venezuelans registered as qualified to receive the $1 million in donations. Alongside the 60,000 registered beneficiaries, $272,000 has been raised since it its launch in fall 2018.
In response to NPR’s question over reports that AirTM CEO Ruben Galindo has voiced a desire to work with Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido in the future, Professor Hanke stressed that the intentions of AirDrop Venezuela are “purely humanitarian [...] there's really no particular political motivation. It's just to help people to give them some purchasing power.”
He underscored that the project aims to demonstrate how crypto can be used by relief agencies globally to securely and transparently deliver funds and aid to people in need.
As the country weathers a  still-ongoing  political crisis and ongoing economic turmoil, bitcoin (BTC) trading volumes in Venezuela were reported to have reached an all-time-high in February of this year.
Cointelegraph has traced the increasingly vexed fate of Venezuela’s controversial national oil-backed cryptocurrency, petro (PTR), which officially launched in 2018. Venezuelan opposition leader and self-declared interim president Juan Guaido dismissed incumbent president Nicolas Maduro’s plans for the petro as a scam as early as December 2017.
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Binance Coin (BNB) Price Moon after Leaving Ethereum


Shortly after announcing the launch of its mainnet yesterday, as well as the details for the BNB swap, Binance revealed that Mithril (MITH) will be the first project to see its token migrated n  Chain.

“MITH will be one of the first projects to migrate tokens onto Binance_DEX. Our community, thank you for your support!” said Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO.   Additionally, the cryptocurrency exchange also announced that they will be adding support for MITH/USDT trading pairs today, April 19th.   As a result, MITH price surged today. MITH is up more than 82% against the BTC over the last 24 hours.


While Mithril was the first project to announce its migration to Binance Chain, others are now following in its footsteps.    Red Pulse, a market intelligence platform which covers China’s economy and capital markets, has also revealed that it will be migrating to Binance’s blockchain.   Just as MITH, the price of Red Pulse’s token, PHX  has also surged following the announcement.

Against BTC, the token surged more than 36 percent. However, its price has since pulled back a bit as PHX is up about 20 percent up at press time.   Another token ENJIN , belonging to Enjin wallet, is also seeing considerable gains after announcing it would support Binance chain alongside the ENJ/USDT ticker being listed on the Binance exchange.

Binance Coin (BNB) Price Moon on the 52 Weeks after Leaving Ethereum

The Binance crypto exchange’s native token established a new 52-week high, up 81.49-percent from its 52-week low price of $4.19. The move prompted BNB to come closer to retesting its all-time high price of $24.91, which was accomplished during the January 12 trading session in 2018. But are there more gains in store for this crypto asset? Let’s take a quick look at its near-term market outlook to understand where it might head next.


Binance on Thursday announced that it would launch Binance Chain, a public blockchain network which will support BNB tokens, on April 23. The exchange will soon integrate its decentralized exchange platform into the Binance Chain. At the same time, Binance will allow projects to issue new tokens on its chain, effectively enabling them to run initial coin offering rounds by raising funds in BNB.

.@Binance Chain launches its mainnet and plans to execute Mainnet Swap on Apr 23, 2019.

Please see the below link for further details on the actions that will occur along with the planned timings for them to do so. 👇👇👇

Binance will earn a small fee from each trade on its decentralized exchange. The firm will also charge a listing fee from projects that issue their tokens on Binance Chain. According to CEO Changpeng Zhao, the listing fees could be as high as $100,000 based on the size of the project. Binance decentralized exchange will not hold custody of customers’ tokens. The service will most likely attract traders looking to retain the ownership of their private keys.

Binance confirmed that they would use a limited number of nodes to run the Binance Chain. It means that the custom blockchain will be less decentralized than that of Ethereum. On a positive side, it would be able to process “a couple thousand” transaction every second to ensure a smooth running of the decentralized exchange on it.


Binance Chain holds promises to attract more BNB adoption following its launch. On the other hand, Binance runs a token buyback event reduces its BNB supply every quarter. The economic outlook presents a bullish scenario for BNB investors in the long-term, boosted further by Binance’s impressive year-to-date performance in the market.

Binance Updates White Paper 

to Reword Section

Binance has recently updated its white paper’s section devoted to quarterly manipulations with its native token binance coin (BNB), based on a version of the white paper backed up on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine on Feb. 8.   According to the section “Repurchasing plan” in the older version, Binance stated that they would buy back BNB each quarter using 20% of their profits, and then destroy them until the exchange buys 50% of all 100 million BNB back.
In the new version of the white paper, Binance has replaced “Repurchasing plan” with “The Burn” section, explaining that every quarter, the exchange will destroy BNB based on the trading volume on its crypto-to-crypto platform until it destroys 50% of all the BNB.   Both versions conclude that the exchange will eventually destroy 100 million BNB, leaving 100 million BNB remaining.   The older version of Binance’s white paper was captured on Wayback Machine on Feb. 8, while the newer version appeared in the archive on March 31.
Binance’s older white paper version vs. updated version
Binance’s older white paper version vs. updated version. Source: Binance
Binance BNB’s description on its website has remained unchanged at press time since November 2018, stating that Binance “plans to use 20% of its profits each quarter buy back and burn BNB, until 50% of the total BNB supply (100 million BNB) is burned.”
As a Binance spokesperson told crypto news outlet The Block Crypto, Binance will still burn 20% of profits within the process described in the new version of the white paper.   Addressing the change, Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao confirmed the news to The Block Crypto, claiming that the rewording was made to clarify that the exchange does not repurchase any BNB, but simply reduces the supply by burning the tokens. He said:
“We recently updated our whitepaper to better describe how we actually conduct the burn. For example, we removed the buy back reference because we actually don’t repurchase BNB and simply reduce the supply by burning BNB. We also removed the profit language because some regions tend to associate profits with securities, and we would like to distance BNB from that. So going forward, we plan to describe the burn this way, and burn what we burn.”
Yesterday, Binance launched its mainnet Binance Chain in beta testing mode for selected partners, also announcing that the exchange plans to execute the swap of its native token BNB on April 23. After that date, Binance will not support the withdrawal of ERC-20 BNB tokens, as the exchange plans to convert ERC-20 BNB tokens into native Binance Chain-based BNB (BEP2) coins.