Message from Brave Browser Rewards

Hello Creators,

We’d like to clarify some expectations about the BAT grants that we make available to Brave users.
 First, some basics. We’ve built Brave Rewards to make it possible for Brave users to reward content creators for content they love. If you use your own BAT with Brave Rewards, it will get delivered to the verified creators you choose. Full stop.

Grants are a bit different. The BAT that we use for grants comes from Brave’s User Growth Pool (UGP). We’ve made grants available so Brave users can easily experience Brave Rewards before Brave Ads is ready to pay users in BAT. We’re taking this opportunity to outline some common-sense restrictions on the use of grants to keep them in alignment with the overall goals for Brave Rewards.
We want to make sure that grants are being used to reward content creators that people — actual human beings — love. When it comes to grants, we care a great deal about whether contributions are made by real people — and that they are being contributed to actual content creators.
As a Brave Publisher:
Please do:
  1. Use Brave and accept your grants
  2. Auto-contribute to the sites you visit in Brave
  3. Tip the (other) creators you visit and enjoy
  4. Create great content that people enjoy

But do not 🙏:

  1. Create dummy sites or channels without real content, just to collect contributions from Brave users
  2. Install multiple copies of Brave to claim multiple grants
  3. Use any mechanism that results in a Brave browser contributing to your site automatically, without a deliberate action by the user of the browser
Promoting Brave is incredibly important to us, and we reward that promotion through our referral program, not individual BAT grants. Our referral program rewards people who try out Brave and choose to stick with it — not mass downloads by bots.
There’s exactly one way to earn BAT from grants: by making amazing content that people enjoy. Anything else will lead to your account being flagged for fraud, and you’ll be locked out of the BAT Publishers system.