Bitcoin Confidential MainNet is Now Live Claim your Airdrops

First announced more than a year ago as a SmartCash “sister coin”, with a focus on complete privacy, Bitcoin Confidential (BC) has launched the mainnet network.

All this time, the Bitcoin Confidential team has worked to implement various features and technologies to make transactions 100% anonymous and coins accordingly fungible. Today, April 26, 2019, the team officially announces that the testing  quality control phase has been successfully completed and the mainnet network has been launched.

The official launch of the Bitcoin Confidential mainnet has occurred at Fri, 26 Apr 2019 22:19:44 GMT with an airdropped supply of approximately 7.36 billion BC.    As of writing we passed block 54 on the mainnet. For the first 11000 blocks, staking rewards are 5% of normal to assist in a fair launch.

Key features

  1. RingCT (Ring Confidential Transactions)
  2. Proof-of-Stake Protocol v3.0
  3. Latest Bitcoin codebase
  4. Cold Staking
  5. Private from block 1
  6. Fair Launch

Bitcoin Confidential combines various functions to embody privacy from the first day for each user. Since privacy is an important part for any person, all people should be able to use “equally” valuable coins. Transaction history, recipient, and sender should not play a role when it comes to the value of coins. Bitcoin Confidential removes the boundaries between “these” and “other” coins by using RingCT technology to hide transaction data and privacy from the first block.


A portion of the overall Bitcoin Confidential supply is initially distributed by airdrop to SmartCash users. All SmartCash holders who had coins on their addresses (where they own private keys) at the time of the snapshot will receive BC coins in the ratio 1 SMART = 10 Bitcoin Confidential. This distribution does not include SmartCash treasury addresses.

There are currently 736 Million eligible SmartCash which will provide an airdrop of 7.36 Billion Bitcoin Confidential. The maximum supply is capped at 9.6 Billion BC.

Security reminder: Please never share your private keys or mnemonic phrases with anyone, it threatens the safety of your funds. Private keys will be used once to sign a transaction directly on the Bitcoin Confidential wallet.

Learn more about the airdrop and process of creating a wallet/import of private keys in #helpful_links section on the Discord server.

Through the wallet, users will be able to start the staking process: directly on the wallet and using VPS (cold staking).
All Credits By  Semptly