Best Decentralized Stable Coin backed with Bitcoin

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This decentralized stablecoin, uses algorithns that offer high stability and itsd backed by Bitcoin and not like USDT that is an empty promise coin, in our searching found its backed by Bitcoin also found on the white paper that it will added the top 10 cryptocurrencies also to be backed.   All transactions will be place on the Ethereum blockchain open to review at any time to everybody like Bitcoin Ledger, this is an smart contract that bring automation to business processes to eliminate the middlemen that we at the crypto world always looking for.  
Now, on the other hand we have QDAO the governance token that entitle holders to participate in the voting for all new decisions, this will make holders to worry about prices growing by keeping the best proposals, this imbues higher democracy and better for decentralization on which some crypto projects lag.

User needs to transfer Bitcoin into a collateralized debt contract "CDC", this contract will automatic trigger and generate the USDQ and send it back to the user, and to change your USDQ back to crypto assets user need to pay back the amount of USDQ they uinput chargeable to QDAO Token, and when this processes is complete the USDQ will automatic destroyed and the contract closed.  Or for easiest way just trade it on the exchanges  like as it now Hotbit, BTC-Alpha and soon Kucoin and more.
All this is done by the help of this develop in Platinum Enginnering, this ecosystem is working super hard to bluid up this long-term partnerships with stakeholders in the crypto world, this is a win-win for the Team, Holders and USDQ Coin.
Main Features:
The system uses this 2 Token USDQ & QDAO to avoid volatility on the blockchain,  in the case of USDQ is always pegged to USD 1=1 but also to comply in other exchanges from different countries the company will issue other tokens pegged to those country, as for example Japan will have the pegged token called JPYQ and for China CNYQ and I believe there is more to come. 
Now what is the interest for QDAO Holders, as the coin growing and succeed they are profitable, so why no make the best decisions for the Coins and Tokens.
Platinum Engineering Team also are on GitHub you can find them here.
To check the USDQ blockchain click here, and for QDAO here.
Here you will see all Holders for QDAO at the moment of writing this as you will see that is one wallet with 40% of the total supply which on my searching couldn't find the owner "I'm guessing this is Platinum Engineering Team" if you know please let us know down on the comments box.