Earn Bitcoin for FREE .!. Its Possible.

Many people are afraid of using they hard working money to buy or invest in cryptocurrency and that is ok, but there are many ways to earn crypto without using your money, this is a free way and you don't have to do nothing different that what you already do.

One of the main issues now day is privacy & censorship, regular people doesn't have that not more.  As you can see news these days talking about facebook and google selling people's data and Silicon Valley Companies getting rich day by day thanks to your datas that your are giving it  for free while they sell it for millions.

Now, thanks to Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology the game plan is changing, there is many apps already launched but I will give you some or the main ones out there:
Social Networks
-Instead using #Facebook, switch to Minds and or Steemit with this 2 platform you can do exactly the same or more than facebook, but the huge difference here is that you are getting paid with crypto, for Like, Share or Donation from another subscribers.

-There is a new one just came out and it those everything that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more does and it pay with crypto as well it called BitTube with the difference than Minds and Steemit this one has more projects that keep paying you like AirTime , this is a browser extention that is use to block Ads, keep your privacy and its has a VPN builded in that can be use for free, they are also have they own browser with this technology.

-Now for YouTube replacement beside BitTube we also have Dtube , this is exactly like youtube but without Ads, commercial and stealing your privacy, you get pay with Crypto as its a Steemit video platform.

I can say that at least 70% of people are using google chrome now, and I bed they don't know that google is stealing your data, privacy, location and visited websites so that they can sell it for millions of dollar while you have to see the annoying Ads all over the place.   For this we have the best solution:
-Brave Browser a chromium browser that block tracker, ads, etc, also get pay with Basic Attention Token "BAT" for using it and watching ads that you set it at you own peace.
-CryptoTab is a chrome folk browser that mine Bitcoin, make earn more bitcoin is you refer more people, NOTE: a lot of people said or think this is an scam,  I'm a proof that is not, I use it every day, while I using it to watch Bitcoin chart I'm mining at the same time, remember on #Satoshi might cost more than a $1 in the next 10 years.

-While using either or both of the browser you can switch the google search with Pre-Search its better that google search and it can customized to a direct search to many webpage, also pay you 0.25 PRE for each search.

If you thinking this is it, nope, there is more:
Sign up for Coinbase, here you can buy safety you first cryptocurrency and beside been a custodian they are also helping people understand the technology of the blockchain, after you sign up you can watch videos tutorial of the Coin they had it listed and earn those toke, now can earn up to $60 on those token and coins by watching couple minutes videos.
But the easiest way to earn some cryptos is by signing up on AirDrops in here you will be ask to share, like, and follow them on ever social network you will need your Ethereum Address to be able to receive your coins.

All this platform' Coin and/or Token can be exchange it into Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency.   There is more of this type of platform out there but if you know any that we haven't mentioned, please let us know in the comments section below.  For more check the Referral Tab above.